CSI Pocket Guide

Hey! Aren’t you tired of carrying around all those papers? Oh, I See… You’re An Expert, you have everything in your head and you carry around an empty notepad, Huh? So why not help out those new guys around you?

This Guide Is A Perfect Guide To Keep Everyone On Track So No One Will Forget Anything At A Scene! Use Your Brain For The Investigative Side And Worry Less About The Protocol! It’s A No-Brainer!

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Why order in bulk? When you order in bulk, you get your books at a discounted price. Which means you’re saving even more money instead of buying individual copies.

Lets face it, crime rate is rising! These bundles are great for big agencies because you will be going through a lot of books. You know your city more than us, so choose wisely! Also, think about the CSI’s in training!

It’s better to take the safe route, buy once and not having to worry about it later.

Well, you asked for it, and we delivered.

Do NOT miss out on our new CSI Pocket Guide!

Now in the progress of making: we have a small 5x3 pocket guides that can fix in your shirt pocket. If I'm being honest, it's for more advanced personnel since it has less information than the regular sized pocket guides. It's simple and just exactly what you need at a crime scene. 
You can Pre-Order your small pocket guides TODAY at the links below!

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I remember when I first studied Crime Scene Technology and when I became a Crime Scene Investigator. It was frustrating walking out of the crime scene with the haunting question.

“Did I miss anything?”

Although its basically impossible to put everything in a book, I’m sure this guide will help you get what you need or even remind you of small details you can miss. My purpose is to facilitate your scene and save time while you’re investigating.

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