CSI Pocket Guide

Remember the last time you were mentally lost at a crime scene? You didn’t want to call your boss at 3AM, but you also didn’t want to obstruct the scene. Then you had a small breakdown after saying you needed something from your crime scene vehicle. We all know you didn’t need anything, but the Geeks know how you felt.

This is why today, we have The CSI Pocket Guide!

In The CSI Pocket Guide, you will find the following:

  • How-To-Use Instructions
  • Basic Information including Photo Leader
  • Scene Measurements
  • Body Measurements
  • Weapon Measurements
  • Baseline Measurements
  • Bullet Hole Measurements
  • Evidence List

Take a Sneak Peek Inside of our Soon-to-Come 2nd Edition!


NEW CSI Pocket Guide: Mini Version!

Oh, so you’re experienced, huh? You’re past the meltdown phase. Well, the Geeks has an expert guide for your shortcuts!

This smaller version is designed for time efficiency purposes. With only two pages of information and additional pages for extra notes, you will find this 5″ X 3″ notepad a lifesaver.

…Because who wants to write the same thing for every crime scene?

Email us for more information on the 2nd Edition CSI Pocket Guide and the Mini Version!